Welcome to the future of data pipelines

What is cloudfuse?

Cloudfuse builds open source serverless data solutions. Our goal: extreme scalability.

What are we building?

We are focusing on two products:

Pika Pipeline: stream any flow of data into your long-term storage at minimal cost

Buzz Engine: query massive amounts of cold storage with minimal latency

Scaling to zero, do I care?

Possibility to scale down to zero is great. It allows good savings, especially for small projects.

But it implies much much more! Your resource allocation becomes 100% reactive. No more need to try to anticipate demand. You will always have (and pay!) the right number of CPUs for your problem.

How do we operate?

Cloudfuse is still at a very early stage and is currently incubating its game changing solutions. If you want to know more about what is being built, take a look at the blog!

You can also contact us if you think you data stack could benefit from going serverless!

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