Open sourcing Cloudfuse Buzz

We are very close to open source the first serverless query engine based on cloud functions. Stay tuned !!!

Coming soon...

AWS increases Lambda RAM limits to 10GB

In the context of the end of year / re:Invent announcements, AWS just made public that it will push the limits of serverless one step further.

Written on December 10, 2020

Modeling and managing time series

Historizing events is a very common problem. But it proves difficult to get a good understanding of the ecosystem that addresses it.

Written on September 3, 2020

Processing hardware on AWS Lambda

So-called serverless is a very interesting high-level abstraction. But what kind of hardware is actually allocated when we run cloud functions ?

Written on June 24, 2020

Open sourcing Cloudfuse C++ Lab

Today Cloudfuse has decided to move one step forward by open sourcing the result of three months of experimentations with AWS Lambda, Apache Arrow and C++.

Written on October 1, 2020

Memory allocation in cloud functions

You can start thousands of concurrent cloud functions in milliseconds on AWS Lambda. But this comes with some compromises. Let's look at memory allocation performances.

Written on May 28, 2020

Custom allocators for Apache Arrow

Analytics engines are all about moving huge amounts of data from one place to the other. Let's study the benefits of using a custom allocator in this context.

Written on June 6, 2020

Apache Arrow and Buzz

Have you heard about Apache Arrow? Yes, the cross-language development platform for in-memory data. Mhh...

Written on May 1, 2020

SIMD support on Lambda

SIMD has drastic performance impacts. But instruction sets are not supported by any hardware.

Written on May 20, 2020

Day Zero!

Every story starts somewhere. Cloudfuse's started at Pubstack.

Written on April 2, 2020