We are currently working on funding our first position! Check out below what we have in mind and please reach out if you are interested :-)

Research data engineer

Who are we?

Cloudfuse is an incubating startup that researches and develops innovative serverless data solutions. The goal is to offer similar scalability and cost structures as fully managed query services (AWS Athena, Big Query), but fully open source.

What you’ll be doing

  • Improve the Infrastructure code base along with the tooling that ensures the code quality

  • Work together with the open source community of the biggest query engines, such as Apache Spark or ClickHouse

  • Design and implement the Rust networking layer that will enable running clusters on Cloud Functions

  • Communicate about your technical work in blog posts and events

  • Discover how we can bring innovation to the market in a technically complex ecosystem

Who are we looking for?

Cloudfuse is still at an extremely early stage and very research oriented, and this has some very important implications on the team member we are looking for.

  • Have a well structured knowledge of data analytics systems and networking

  • Be familiar with lower level languages such as C++ or Rust

  • Be highly autonomous and proactive

  • A proven record of Open Source contributions would be highly appreciated

  • Be ready to take on the hard challenge of working on innovation that needs to go to the market quickly

Currently, we can only offer positions in cities where INRIA, the incubator that is sponsoring us, is present (Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux...). If you live somewhere else and cannot relocate, feel free to reach out anyway, we’ll be happy to get to know you :-)